HEC Paris Entrepreneurship Workshop

Date: December 9-10, 2022

Location: HEC Paris, France

Organizers: Johan Hombert, Simon Mayer


The HEC Paris Entrepreneurship Workshop is a small-scale workshop that brings together researchers working in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. It offers great opportunities for research discussions and interactions inside and outside the seminar room.


Friday, December 9

Session 1: Venture Capital and Angels (13.30 - 16.00)

Who Becomes a Business Angel?
Laurent Bach (ESSEC), Ramin Baghai (Stockholm School of Economics), Per Strömberg (Stockholm School of Economics), Katarina Warg* (Stockholm School of Economics)
Discussant: Ludovic Phalippou (Oxford-Saïd)

The Value-Add of Venture Capital Due-diligence: Information Frictions, Startup Growth and Failed Fundraising Campaigns
Juanita González-Uribe* (LSE), Robyn Klingler-Vidra (King's College London), Su Wang (ShanghaiTech University), Xiang Yin (Tsinghua University)
Discussant: Ye Zhang (Stockholm School of Economics)

Private Equity and Venture Capital Fund Performance: Evidence from a Large Sample of Israeli Limited Partners
Alon Brav (Duke University), Guy Lakan* (The Hebrew University), Yishay Yafeh (The Hebrew University)
Discussant: Johan Cassel (Vanderbilt University)

Session 2: Private Equity (16.20 - 18.00)

Private Equity Debt Funds: Who Wins, Who Loses?
Axel Buchner (University of Passau), Florencio Lopez-de-Silanes* (SKEMA Business School), Armin Schwienbacher (SKEMA Business School)
Discussant: Young Soo Jang (Chicago Booth)

Owner Incentives and Performance in Healthcare: Private Equity Investment in Nursing Homes
Atul Gupta (Wharton), Sabrina Howell (NYU Stern), Abhinav Gupta (UNC Chapel Hill), Constantine Yannelis* (Chicago Booth)
Discussant: Stefan Obernberger (Erasmus University)

Saturday, December 10

Session 3: Innovation (9.00 - 10.40)

More Competition, Better Products: Evidence from a Novel Classification of Patents
Colin Davison* (University of Notre Dame)
Discussant: Antonin Bergeaud (HEC Paris)

Research and/or Development? Financial Frictions and Innovation Investment
Filippo Mezzanotti* (Kellogg School of Management), Timothy Simcoe (Boston University)
Discussant: Ramin Baghai (Stockholm School of Economics)

Session 4: Diversity and Trust (11.00 - 12.40)

Trust and Innovation within the Firm: Evidence from Matched CEO-Firm Data
Kieu-Trang Nguyen* (Kellogg School of Management)
Discussant: Anastasia Girshina (Stockholm School of Economics

Racial Diversity in Private Capital Fundraising
Johan Cassel (Vanderbilt University), Josh Lerner (Harvard Business School), Emmanuel Yimfor* (Ross School of Business)
Discussant: Carlos Serrano (HEC Paris)

Session 5: Fintech (14.00 - 15.40)

Customer Data Access and Fintech Entry: Early Evidence from Open Banking
Tania Babina (Columbia Business School), Greg Buchak* (Stanford University), Will Gornall, (University of British Columbia)
Discussant: Ansgar Walther (Imperial College)

The Adoption of Artificial Intelligence by Venture Capitalists
Maxime Bonelli* (HEC Paris)
Discussant: Roxana Mihet (HEC Lausanne)

*Presenting author
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